Yak Attaks
Law Office


Mama Yak: "Mew Nosey, Is been thinkin about all dis wedwink stuff. Da invitations, da guest arrangements, all da plannin'. Its makin' my head spin! Dere iz gotta be an easier way!"

Nosey Parker: "Meows Mama Yak, Lets Elope!"

Mama Yak: "What a great idea! Dats why I luff mew so much."

Nosey Parker: "I haz a hot air balloon, we can sail off and visit wiff all our friends."

Mama Yak: "Dats purrfect! When do we ?"

If mew want NP and Mama Yak to visit mew juss click da balloon and give us the url. Mew will be featured in our travels.



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